Dawood Sarkhosh
grew up in the province of Uruzgan in central Afghanistan. He belongs to the Mongolian minority the Hazara. His family escaped from the ethnic cleansing of the Taliban to Pakistan where he spent most part of his youth. Already as a child at the age of nine years he started to write poetry. From his older brother he learned Damburra (a popular two stringed instrument). He studied agriculture and music and was accepted as a pupil of Ustad Arbab Ali Khan who instructed him to sing and play harmonia. Today he is one of the best known younger singers of Afghanistan. He had many appearances on Afghan and Pakistani TV. He fills whole football arenas at concerts with his self-composed contemporary ballads. He is to be heard on a row of CDs which are available for an Afghan audience and are not published in the West. Since 2003 he is member of the "Ensemble Afghan". His aim as an artists is to help young Afghans to find their cultural orientation and identity. Find more information at more info .