Sobeir Bachtiar
visited the Austrian music school in Kabul and got a scholarship to study at the University of Performing Arts in Vienna. He graduated with master certificates in classical trumpet and composition. He then studied singing and made his living as a soloist and music teacher for western classical music. After his studies in Vienna he turned himself more and more towards the music of his native country and Indian classical music and learned robab with Ustad Zardosai. He gave numerous concerts with trumpet and Robab in whole Europe and the USA. His main focus in music is Afghan and Indian traditional music. His personal credo is the way of a Sufi and Yogi and to be a keeper of the culture of his crises shaken home land. He founded together with Zohreh Jooya the “Ensemble Afghan” in 2001. He is blessed with the rare gift of an absolute hearing and shows this in the accuracy how he plays and hence requests this from the other members of the ensemble as well.